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Experienced Fencing Contractors in Baltimore, Maryland

Looking for reputable fencing contractors in Baltimore, Maryland? Look no further than Fence Fair, Inc.

Getting Started
In 1970, Fence Fair, Inc. was formed by Louis Matricciani, who served as both President and Treasurer. At this time, we employed a single crew, and provided basic sales and installation services for chain link fencing systems.

Building Our Team
Our administrative responsibilities were managed by Louis' wife, Angela Matricciani, who served as both, Vice President and Secretary. In 1976, William Guy Matricciani joined our team as general foreman and salesman.

Establishing a Location
In 1979 we purchased our current location from Anchor Fence, Inc. and began expanding into manufacturing and installing wooden and fabricated fences, as well as commercial and industrial chain link fences.

Fencing Repairs - Fencing Contractors in Baltimore, MD

A Family Operation
After the passing of Angela in 1988, William became Vice President and his wife, Donna Matricciani, filled the role of Secretary. At this time, we became known as the first distributor for the newest fencing system, Bufftech PVC. Today, we proudly serve as the oldest Bufftech PVC distributor in the United States.

After the passing of Louis in 1994, William and Donna filled the roles of company President and Vice President. Our very own Kenneth Paul Bossler was promoted from within to the positions of general manager.

Growth & Expansion
Over the years, our crew of fencing contractors grew from 1 single crew to 6 full-time crews, who handle everything from fencing repairs and railing installations to setup services for security gates. Additionally, our internal team grew to include 5-full time employees who fabricated fencing systems, managed over-the-counter wholesales, and retail transactions.

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